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How We Roll


Bike Fitting 

Whether you are training for a Gran Fondo, commuting to work, cycling for leisure or competing in triathlon, we can help. 

Why get a certified Physiotherapist to fit your bike?

- Ride better: Getting a bike fit can help prevent injuries and optimize your performance

- Prehabilitation: We'll also identify any physical areas to work on off the bike that will help improve your cycling

- Bonus: Bike fits with VanVélo are billable as physiotherapy through your extended health benefits

Bike Fitting options include:

1) Road or Commuter Bike (1.5 hours) $200

2) Triathlon Bike (2 hours) $250

3) Follow-up visit (30 minutes) $80

Each Fit is unique, will be tailored to your goals and may consist  of the following:

Subjective Review of your riding, training, and injury history. Tell us your goals!*

Objective Orthopedic Assessment range of motion, strength/stability, alignment, posture, anthropometrics (inseam, shoulder width, sit bone width, arm length, leg length)

Objective Bike Assessment bike size, seat height, seat to stem, crank length, stem length, imbalances/wear+tear, saddle width, handlebar width, seat tilt, handlebar tilt

Objective Shoe Assessment size, width, wear, cleat position 

Dynamic Observation: knee angles, hip angles, back angle, elbow bend, neck position, hand position, ankle position, knee/hip rotation

Dynamic Objective Measures: slow motion video capture, goniometry (angle measurement), levels, lasers, and clinical expertise 

Education: technique, drills, exercises  

Adjustments (as needed): seat post height, saddle tilt and fore/aft, stem, cleats, handle bars, and hoods

Physiotherapy injury rehabilitation


You've got goals, we've got physio. We come to you with our treatment table, equipment, and expertise. All we need is a 6x10 foot space. Whether you are training for an event/race, recovering from an injury or surgery, or feeling some aches and pains, we can help. 


Treatment consist of:

1) Initial Consultation (60 Minutes) $130

-We work in collaboration to identify how we can best help with a combination of education, manual therapy (massage, cupping, joint mobilizations), exercise, and if necessary intramuscular stimulation (IMS) or taping (athletic or K-Tape)

2) Follow Up (30 Minutes) $80 or (60 Minutes) $160

Physiotherapy can be billed to your extended health.

Swimming underwater

Swim Assessment  (Currently Unavailable)

Whether you are competing in a swimming or triathlon event, training for fitness, or just learning to swim, our experienced physiotherapist can help you improve your technique and performance while mitigating injury. These sessions are also billable through your extended health benefits. 

Swim Assessments by a physiotherapist are 60 minutes and billed $130 per hour. They can consist of:

1) Review of goals and any injuries

2) Stroke assessment from above and below water with a GoPro (as required)

3) Education, drills, and exercises tailored to improve your technique, efficiency, speed, and injury reduction. 

4) Treatment of Injuries 

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